When I bought the car 2 years ago, I thought about a trip around the world, to get away from everything. The customization of the car should include, sleeping area by still containing the usability of a usual car. Sometimes things change.

At behalf of the customization, the requirements increased by fare more, because there had to be enough room for an additional person, Kathrin.




As base I used a 2002 Defender TD5 SW. I decided to get a TD5 of the 2nd generation because of many small details. For sure the also this TD5 has its  usual weak points, but manageable.

2nd generation means:

Yellow environment sticker, upgradeable by particle filter to get a green one (germanys stickers mean: Euro3 yellow, Euro4 green

Upgradeable to have cruise control with very little money because the system is already integrated in the ECU. Costs are may be 15€

The engine has five injectors, no common-rail system. I drove it already completely empty. What TD4 driver could say that without having to pay for a extremely expensive repair with spare parts.

For the interior I used  the known 7mm AdamHall case-maker material. Not much measured, just hammered in quickly. You don’t get the material only at those interior built shops for 4x4 cars. Also music shops or similar shops offer the material. Just check out the AdamHall page and search for their retail partners. You often get it a little bit cheaper than the listed price.

Further more the suspension, electronics and other small pars were modified, much bought from Nakatanenga in Neumarkt. For sure very very much modified to meet the personal needs.

A popup roof from xVisionx was added. After a test-phase with a rooftop tent I quickly realized that it wouldn’t fit my/our needs. Wet when packing, packing time, overall height of the car, all these were points where the rooftop tent couldn’t score.

To summ up the whole package, a fitting roof-rack with custom integrated solar-panels was added. By that, the overall height with all the modifications stays under 229 cm, wich fits perfectly into a standard 20ft container.

Finally the technical approval from the TÜV. Thanks to popup roof kitchen and bed, it’s officially a camper. That means cheaper insurance and tax bills. The cars papers now have two pages.



New Specs


small steering-wheel (to be able to climb around in the car without opening the door)

suspension about +70mm at the front, +100mm at the back

255 85 r16 on DOTZ steel rims

winch with pvc rope

double battery system with IBS controller

40 liter Eztiel fridge

Origo 1500 cooking place

60 liter fresh-water

200 liter diesel in three tanks

cruise control


interior with cupboards and sink


GMB ESEL roof-rack with custom solar-panels







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