New Hotel, New Luck. This hotel was better for shure, 9th floor, nice view over the Obelisk. The release of the car however was developing as usual, Tuesday just looking at the car, showing it the customs, but not getting it. Just paying for extra services like 40ft Highcube 125% on top of everything, and Custom verification. After a brief check of the car’s ID number and the standard questions: „Do you have drugs, medicine or electronical devices with you?“ the containers doors were closed and sealed again. The pickup/delivery of the car would be at another place. La Boca.


The next Day: Wednesday. The Landy finally gets out of the container! For real! Unloading the Car, brief check on everything and haste to the hotel in rush hour to check-out. After everything was loaded into the car in a „no parking“ area, lets fuel up. The guy at the gas station asked „ciento quarenta litro? I would have told him that there’s fitting more, but ma spanish wasn’t that powerfull to do so.. He didn’t fuel up completely, might have been afraid of the fuel tank is leaking and is going somewhere.

To relax an reorganize the car we are heading south to a campsite with beach.


After a month in the container, I recognized some extra patina on the car. One month of rusting in the container. I’m relaxed switching on the cruise control on the Auto Pista, just when I hit the break, it won’t switch of. Break switch is broken. Due to this, the breaking light should be faulty too.. While we were verifying that damage on a roadside parking, it starts to poor. Right away jumping in the car, hitting the road again to go on with the journey in that rain,… the front wipers fail. The wipers motor must be faulty. After knowing that, I swiched on the radio with full velocity, amplifier does not work, but on that one I think it’s just a fuse. 

The next day in Pinamar, the car get’s its partial repairs: right diagnosis of the break switch, a fuse for the amplifier , one hard forced turn on the wipers motor and it worked again. Turning the roofrack from front to back, to fix the spare tires on the roof. The view has to be freed on the bonnet to see big holes on the road.

Because it’s not highseason anymore we decide to leave the ghost citys at the tourist beaches, and head directly to terra fuego.

By accident we stopped at a funny place, were everybody goes offroad with dune-buggies. Nobody lies at the beach, here the beach is a track. You see Jimmy Jeeps, Dune-Buggies, Quads, Motocross. You don’t walk on the beach, you drive. I like.

On the local campsite we got a warm welcome, finally some time to reorganize everything.


Throw out all the trash and packing material, wow there’s room in the car. The only thing that grinds my gears now, is the highlift, it needs to be placed somewere else then in the car, but it’s too long to be mounted at the rearbumper or on the bonnet. With a little help from the camp site owner and some bits and peaces of spanish, the highlift get’s shortened/cut and mounted on the bonnet. A collegue of his would also brings the mounting material. I trustfully hand  the way too long highlift over to that guy (asking my self, why didn’t I buy the short version)



After a brief tour through the landy, the guy from „torneria customs“ arrived with the highölift and tools. In just a few moments the two holes were drilled and everything was mounted. Cheers! Let’s go to the beach by car like the locals do it. You could travel from town to town by using the beach. I wasn’t going faster than 80 km/h, we shouldn’t overegg the pudding.










Sounds like a flashback from any action season like 24 or Breaking bad.

On Feb 12th, after a more or less hit and run action, the car was put into a container in Hamburg (thanks to Gravel Road Logistics). To add, on the 11th, there was nothing prepared for departure, not even the car was ready to run. For example the awning bought the previews day, was mounted on that very evening. After „everything“ was packed, we finally left for Hamburg from Nuremberg at about 11 PM. Also the popup-roof had its premiere that night, … the first adventure for Kathrin and me.

Just in time after Hamburg I went on my final freelance employment. Kathrin hat do finish her last exams for university. After that there was one week of home sweet home followed by the departure on march 11th 2014 11.05pm from Frankfurt.

As to be expected, there was a change in the ships schedule of arrival. The „Santa Teresa“ would arrive one day later then expected. Because of that we arrived one day earlier than the ship. The progress of unloading the car from the container should be moved from thursday to friday (it was assured the maximum possible delay would be Monday)

Enough time to take care about the car insurance. You could think about the positive things about that rescheduling: „Awesome! The vessel is delayed one day, less stress in the beginning! Check into the hotel and relax. Recover from the 14 hours flight“ „NOOOOT“ Far of of it. After arriving at the hotel from a 1.5 hours taxi ride, we were taught short and precise: „Expedia? We don’t do business with Expedia, we also don’t have a free room! The spare one is on renovation right now.“

Hm, what to do now, I want the manager to be called. He just responds sporadicly: „Ah yes, there was something about Expedia Reservation, payed by credit card, I just skimmed that mail on the phone, anyways, we don’t have a free room.“

And now? Although there was a different notion of „confirmation of booking“ in a mail, the employees were very nice and helpful in getting us a different hotel last second.

From now on cool down and enjoy the „bife de lomo“


Just when everything was payed, agent bill of landing, container fees, port fees ect, I got a text from the Agent: „Sorry, Vessel is still working. It will be Monday“

The Friday’s Text says: „Vessel is still working ‚till saturday, so car out of container on Tuesday“

Ok, let’s extend the hotel from Monday to Tuesday


Allright, but now we really have to relax. So we were meeting an old friend from Buenos Aires, Federico. We meet him at a exhibition/bookrelease party. After that we were going on a open-air concert in a park at Palermo. Perfect flair, many people, fun. Just after that: Mac DeMarco concert. I was surprised very positively how cool this canadian guy was.

Just to add some funfacts: There is no smoking indoors, the argentinians don’t care on big venues. Besides, there is very little smokers around. In this club they pour out just three kinds of drinks: Soda, Quillmes, Fernet! Soda is self-explaining. Quilmes is beer, in a choice of 0.5 or 1 liter cups. Fernet is Fernetbranca with coke, also in a choice of 0.5 or 1 liter cups. Right now, the Fernet is still not my cup of tea.

We end up in a bar with hot tacos and let the day fade away… We still feel the shift in time, so we’re getting up slowly on Sunday, a calm one, more than a brief visit of the market in San Telmo, watching Tango, was not possible.


...Yeeehaa, it’s Monday, just once more bedtime until me driving Defender again!  …. ok let’s read Mondays Textmessege first: „Vessel is still working, will be finished tonite, customs tuesday, container on wednesday“


Ok, let’s extend the Hotel once again by one day until Wednesday, ….. oh what a pity, no free room left. New Hotel!






Vor kurzem ging das Warten zu Ende, Abflug. Jetzt geht es schon wieder los... wann bekommt man das Auto aus dem Container....