After the big rescue-mission of the 7 toned motorhome from our Venezuelan friends, we go separate ways again. The boxes need to be picked up in Aracaju. The most promising fact of that is the gain of space. So we settle down at the previews visited campsite and relax the rest of the time.

Suddenly we’re getting visitors: A local family approaches us and sends best regards, father Henrique with his wife Roze and son André. They themselves own a relative new model of the Defender and have spotted ours from the road outside the campsite. We do small talk with bits and pieces of Spanish Portuguese and English: the rovers the trip, finally we are invited to dinner with local food at the „Casa Vitoria“ We’re looking forward to it like kids before christmas eve. At that very same evening we are welcomed by the family and neighbors at their mansion (before that we picked up the boxes). Roze and her daughter Marina prepared the complete program of Brazilian food: from cashew nuts quail eggs to local cheese and for sure beer and caipirinha. The versatility in food is at its peak at 10pm with carne de sol, couscous, macacheira (potato like root) omelet with fish and many more things. Completely full we say good bye to this awesome family. On the way out we are handed some guest presents: an excellent local Cachaca AND a model of the Landrover.


We are spending the following night at the beautiful beach of Praia do Gunga again but this time absolutely grey and rainy, so we decided to cary on to Pipa. 

The Lonely Planet advertises Pipa as the spot with the nicest beaches of Brasil; we are curios about that and are looking forward for better weather. After a long stint we arrive at night and choose the only campsite the GPS shows us. We are welcome by an very drunken host in a place that reminds you more of Steven King’s Pet Sematary. When he noticed us feeling uncomfortable he advises us to stay, because all other campsites are insecure - his one would be more like FAMILY BUSINESS. AHA! We quickly leave his property and tell him that we might come back later. Without notice we agreed not to return and stay the night in a comfy Pousada in the centre of Pipa. The next day we continued the search for a place to rest for us and the Landy and find the campsite at the beautiful Praia do Amor. The first thing we recognize is a big bus. We wondering how this monster could make it through the tiny streets into the campsite with very tight spaces. We put the question to the owner himself: Mauricio a 24 years old guy who used to work in the hotel business comes from a village called Jericoacoara. His former plan was to travel with two friends. This both changed their mind in the last minute so he is living in a car with 3 beds, 1 cooking area and 1 living area including 2 bathrooms all by himself. Once in a while he lets backpackers join his trip. Totally crazy!

We enjoy spending a few days here and carry on to Canoa Quebrada which is a small village of fishermen without the touristic flair of Pipa. Its beautiful wide beaches, dunes and little lagoons gives the place a charismatic touch. On accident we meet old friends again: Raul, Yadira and Patron from Venezuela. Together we do some tours through the dunes to little lagoon bars, enjoy the campsites pool with local food including an Asado and try our luck in bodyboarding.


Together we carry on to Jericoacoara with a stopover at a little beach bar where we decide to camp. Locals are telling us that Jeri would have the absolutely most beautiful beach of Brazil. But to get to Jeri you need to go through the dunes, having a 4x4 is not a downside. Good to have one!  Markus can´t wait to go offroad through the dunes. Because we missed our friends from Venezuela at the meeting point in Jijoca, a suburb of Jeri, we didn´t go through the dunes at night and decided to stay at this campsite with its fabulous lagoon. Here we meet a family from Southafrica who celebrates the long way around all of Southamerica in their Landrover. We join their barbecue and have a lot of fun: Good rum from Venezuela, plenty of Jägermeister and the lagoon right in front of the campsite might give you a vague hint for imagining the end of the evening…





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