On our way to Ushuaia, we’re leaving the district Buenos Aires. After an unwanted night-drive with at least 10 felt roadblocks, which were about „carne y fruta“, we arrive at the Rio Negro. Campsite is closed; Kathrin and me are ok with the motel nearby, shower and toilette is ok for once and a while. Departing very early keeping on heading south. In the evening we meet Bea and Dirk, who are just at the end of their journey. Compared to us, they are traveling in a comfortable Mercedes Truck, with all the bits and pieces that belong to a Camper. We may not have the comfort, but we might have the better tires, four-wheel-drive and might handle gravel roads a little bit better than them. The two give us helpful tips for anything like the contact to someone,… who knows someone, …with a workshop, who could (yes, the Landy gives me shit again, leaking gearbox)


The next day we head up to Valdes, watching  penguins, whales, see-lions. No whales in sight, not the season. It was one of those spontaneous decisions, leaving relatively late, arrived at 12a.m. at the park entrance. We were able to catch up the delay on the gravel-road. This day we, for minimum, were riding the gravel-road for not less than 180 km. After a short night in the park, staying at a gas-station we carry on. We take the advice with Punta Ninfas, to get closer to the animals. Now it really matters having a 4x4 vehicle with much clearance. Where others sneak around with 20km/h, the defender just fly over the dirt track as it would be a asphalt road. 200km dirt sticks and stones later, we climb down a cliff and experience the Sea-Elephants from the nearest possible position.

That lonely coast is perfect for wild camping. An incredible sunrise is the reward for a long hard and bumpy trip.

The whole car is covered in dust, but one part,… the transfer gearbox is oily, it marks its ground like a dog, so let’s go to a garage. The mechanic with Land Rover knowhow in Trelew was not presence, ok let’s carry on to Comodoro Rivadavia. The argentinian Land Rover forum said, there should be someone else with Land Rover knowledge. Also this guy was not at presence. In the mean time the transfer gearbox was dry, could be that magically everything was sealed again, or empty, what would fit better in this case study. After a brief advice of any garage around and 2 liters   of gearbox oil, I made my decision: repair will be done in Rio Grande at a Land Rover certified garage… until then I just refill once in a while the transfer gearbox. DAMN IT


Fist of all, organizing, washing, camping, asado (barbecue) In the end, the self prepared „Bife de Lomo“ barbecue style is the best. And then carry on on the dirt-tracks of Patagonia, heading south.







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