Bolivia, the country with infinite possibilities! Why? Well, you can just bribe anything. Our first encounter with the Bolivian traffic police was funny weird and ended with a recognition: there are different kind of language barriers. All the copies of the necessary paperworks were put into the hands of the gentle man. After doing an overall check of every letter of these papers, he lets me know that one very important paper is missing. With the lack of that paper, going on traveling in Bolivia would be impossible! So we search the car all over to find the possibly missing insurance paper… after 2 hours in the little wooden checkpoint office with the state servants first class, they give me a hint what kind of paper exactly is missing: a 50 Bolivar (5€) paper! From now on a 10 Bolivar bill is placed in-between the masses of papers - if the clown is corrupt the bill disappears magically, if not it stays were it was in the papers. We get our first impressions about  Bolivia while traveling through Sucre and Potosi. Roads are either perfect or perfectly bad, so bad that we almost lost the spare-tire mount on the rear door (fixed for now for 10€). Because there is something not right with the paperworks on the argentinian side, we have to get there to fix it. Not a big d-tour, just about 500km. So we drive as quick and comfy as possible through Bolivia straight to Argentina and from there to Chile and there to the Atacama desert. First meters on Chilian ground, taking a picture of the desert area… dslr dies - what a start. To buy a cheap alternativ to the Eos 7D, we do short stint of 300km one way from San Pedro de Atacama to Antofagasta… to the ocean. So I’m happy, and as long as I’m happy Kathrin is happy too. After the german success to reach the best of 4 , we are driving back to the desert to Bolivia, the laguna route should be nice. Once again fun at the border control. Going the 50km from San Pedro up to the border, difference of altitude about 2000m, so we had to do that twice because we forgot to stamp out in San Pedro. Customs is 100km later somewhere in the national park. So we are finally in the national park, gravel-road as usual but with the exception of it being on 4300m at -20°C. Our first night on this hight: HORROR. We both feel very very bad, stomach goes crazy, every physical struggle gets you almost to the point of throwing up your guts. So we are freezing through the night, just want to go on rovering early in the morning, but it’s a no go, because diesel is delivered with the additives excluded. The landy just does not start! And then we realized we parked on the wrong side of the Canyon. The sun takes a while ‚till it hits or melts the car! A indication for the night time temperature: deep frozen 5 liter jerry can. At 11am, after pulling and pushing the car to the sun, it finally starts and we are on the way to Uyuni. The coldness here is exhausting, the hostels don’t have a heater on the room, water is rationed. Taking a shower is only possible in the evening, in the morning everything is frozen. The Gas Stations are frozen, speaking of quality fuel. The cars get washed every day, speaking of rationed water


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